Tribeca Film Festival '15: "Cafe Glass" Review

As the internet and social media continues to expand, writer/director Wen Ren paints a future where online dating is the social norm. People walk around with “wearables” (technology that you wear like glasses) that give you automatic access to the internet. Users are alerted when another user is checking them out, and they can reject their virtual advances on the spot. The film’s CG work does the heavy lifting to make this world a reality as it’s main character, Zayn (Devin Goodsell), visits the local cafe to sit with his friends. 

 As the cafe loses internet connection, the entire patronage is in an uproar as they have to come face to face with one another with no online connection. Zayn is then forced to make a decision as to whether to take his most recent encounter offline. While “Cafe Glass” may be a comedy, it stirs up serious questions for what seems like a not too distant future. As we exchange personal connections for virtual ones, what does that mean for future generations? Are social skills morphing or declining? “Cafe Glass” is sure to give you a couple laughs, but it will equally give you something to chew on.

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Kevin Sampson

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