Tribeca Film Festival '15: "Catwalk" Review

Photo Courtesy Tribeca Film Festival

Photo Courtesy Tribeca Film Festival

Much like it’s title, “Catwalk”, is an exploration of the fine line between parenting and allowing your child to find his or herself amidst peer pressure. Ella (Freddie Mosten-Jacob) is nine, an impressionable age, and her classmates are interested in labels, selfies, and fashion blogs. Ella desires to break out of the world of glittery shirts and other “ugly” clothes that she currently wears in order to fit in. 

Most of the film is from the perspective of Ella. Freddie’s performance is natural and personal, allowing the audience to remember when they were at her crossroads or dealing with their own child's journey to adolescents. Writer/director Ninja Thyberg presents a well rounded, universal story that makes you think from both sides of the coin as to how to build a child’s confidence. With a pulsing score, and great performances, "Catwalk" is a short to see!

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