Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 65- Black Panther & The Rainbow Experiment

This weekend, Black Panther (my review is linked) is going to demolish the box office. I’ve been holding in my thoughts on the film since I saw it last Friday and I can’t wait to share them with you soon on air.  Today’s show is front loaded with Black Panther to help you get pumped for seeing the film this weekend. I’ve got an interview with the film’s star, Chadwick Boseman. Then I talk with the legendary costume designer Ruth Carter who did the costumes for this film. We had a one on one conversation that was absolutely awesome. After my one on one with Ruth you’ll be able to hear the round table Q&A I sat in with Ruth and Producer of Black Panther, Nate Moore. Now, after you check out Black Panther in theaters this weekend, if you live in the DC area you may be interested in seeing The Rainbow Experiment at the DC Independent Film Festival. I talked with Christina Kallas, the writer/director of the film, and After the break, stay tuned to hear what she had to say on her approach to multi-perspective filmmaking. It’s a full episode folks! 

Read my review of Black Panther here: http://picturelockshow.com/new-releases/2018/2/16/black-panther-review-why-representation-is-key

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