Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 99- The Front Runner, Jamielyn Lippman, Ashley York, Dawn Mikkelson, & Norah Shapiro

Happy Friday folks! I’m so glad I get to cap off this election week with an episode of personal and political empowerment. I spoke with director Jamielyn Lippman about her documentary “3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story”, director Ashley York about her film “Hillbilly”, director Dawn Mikkelson of “Risking Light” and director Norah Shapiro about her doc “Time for Ilhan”. Now the cool thing about “Time for Ilhan” is that it covers Ilhan Omar’s race for a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016 which made her the first Somali-American legislator to hold an elected office, and she just became the first Somali-American Muslim to hold a seat in US congress. So congrats to her! But first I’ve got my movie review of a political defeat in “The Frontrunner”, starring Hugh Jackman which hits theaters this weekend.

Full review of “The Front Runner”: http://picturelockshow.com/new-releases/2018/11/7/the-front-runner-review-a-timely-bio-drama

Check out “3 Years in Pakistan” here: https://www.facebook.com/3YPErikAudeDoc/

Connect with “Hillbilly” here: http://hillbillymovie.com/

Shine with “Risking Light” here: https://www.riskinglight.com/

Make time for Ilhan here: https://www.timeforilhanfilm.com/

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