"Non-Stop" is a suspenseful ride!


Popcorn flicks are a dime a dozen. “Non-Stop” is one of those films that will come on cable in the future and you’ll stop to get engaged each time it comes on, or at least pay attention between doing something around the house. It’s not Oscar worthy, but it is Liam Neeson.

Neeson is Bill Marks, an alcoholic air marshall who has lost everything. Let’s just say everything because it’s the kind of description that’s not entirely true but sets up his character. From the moment Bill enters the airport, he takes note of everything going on around him. Leading up to take off you watch the boring stuff that comes back later in the movie, but sets up characters, clues, etc. Once the plane actually takes off however, you’re in for a ride.

Bill gets an anonymous text with demands for money or someone will die every twenty minutes. The instant internal clock keeps us in suspense as Bill tries to find out who sent him the message. The film does a good job of creating suspects for us to eyeball, and even some that we think Bill isn’t paying attention to. Bill can be a bit trustworthy of his fellow passengers that he brings into his investigation at times, but what are you gonna do 26,000 feet in the air?


The key to the film’s credibility is that the cast gives solid performances all around. Liam Neeson just has to talk and you believe him, but with Julianne Moore, Corey Stall, Nate Parker, and Michelle Dockery surrounding him you never quite feel as though this couldn’t happen. Lupita Nyongo filmed this way before the Oscar buzz she has now. So there’s no question this will be the last time she plays Gwen (a random flight attendant) again after this Sunday March 2, 2014.

This film may have its weak and slower moments, but there is no question that if you let go and take the ride you will forgive any plot issues. In all if you’re looking for an entertaining time at the movies this weekend, “Non-Stop” is a great pick!

Rating: B

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