"The Skeleton Twins" Review

“The Skeleton Twins” is one of those movies that you might breeze over judging a movie by its trailer. If you give it a chance, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the story that’s told. 

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are Maggie & Milo, twins who haven’t spoken to each other in ten years. After Milo attempts to commit suicide, Maggie is called as his next of kin ironically at the very same time she’s about to attempt suicide. The initial reunion is awkward. What do you say after ten years? How do you support your sibling who is in an obviously dark place, when you are as well? This is the core of the film as the two begin to mend their relationship.

Milo moves in with Maggie and her husband Lance (Luke Wilson) to recover. Lance is the unknowingly obnoxious guy you don’t want to see your sister with, but has a good heart. He’s fired up about the baby that he and Maggie are trying for, but Maggie has her own plans that she’s kept from Lance. In fact, each twin has their own bag of secrets that they’ve developed over the past ten years. As the film moves forward, secrets are shared amongst the twins and then told in spite. 

The film’s strength rides on the relationship between the twins, but it also is brought down because of the twins relationship. They have an obvious chemistry and connection as siblings that at times is fun to watch, but it’s a lot like watching two people that have inside jokes that you don’t understand. Most of the movie you peer in to the lives of the main characters, but never really care about them. 

The movie does provide some laughs and funny moments. Unfortunately, due to the lack of relatability to the characters, the film can drag at times. Regardless, this is a solid film that is worth a Netflix viewing.

Rating: B

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