DC Shorts '15: "The Red Thunder" Review

If ever there was a short that should be made into a TV series pilot at the very least, “The Red Thunder” is certainly one. It’s an appetizer that leaves you wanting the main course. In an age where the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands from the big screen to the small screen, co-writer/director Alvaro Ron offers us what looks like an original, unlikely hero.

Sarah (Allie Grant) is a nerdy teenager with an uptight, controlling mother (Karen Strassman). At least it seems that way to Sarah. After getting asked out by Danny (Miles Heizer), Sarah decides she needs to use her mom’s car. Little does she know, her mom may not be as bad as she thought!

With solid performances from its cast, “The Red Thunder” gives just the right amount of entertainment and special effects that would make a viewer want to see more backstory and what will happen to the mother/daughter dynamic after Sarah’s night out. Its mix of quirky comedy, action, and a dash of romantic interests make it fit for say, the CW line up. Whatever happens with it, it’s a short super hero fans shouldn’t miss!


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