Pretty Little Liars: "Pretty Isn't the Point" Review

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5.20

“Pretty Isn’t the Point”

Previously on Pretty Little Liars…

Aria continues to be tutored by Andrew and once again enlists his help in following Mike.  Spencer assists Jonny in retrieving what is rightfully his. Emily meets the third part of the triangle and helps Hanna prepare for a scholarship pageant.  This week’s highlight scene is definitely Mike’s big reveal! 

When Talia’s husband Eric stops by the New Brew, he tells Emily that he doesn’t mind if Talia experiments and has a one time thing with Emily. This makes Emily realize that Mrs. Mendoza has told her husband a different story from the one she told Em.  Thank goodness! Finally Emily comes to her senses and tells Talia she is not into girls to be trendy!!!

While tutoring Aria, Andrew witnesses Mike being very aggressive toward his sister.  Aria has already asked Andrew to follow Mike to find out if he is meeting someone at the gym.  What Andrew learns and later tells Aria is that Mike hid something in a tree in the woods behind Mona’s house.  

Spencer and Jonny are having coffee at Hollis when they see Toby.  Toby is still distant and very rigid with Spencer.  When she tries to suggest that they get together later, Toby says he can’t.  As Spence and Jonny walk home, Jonny spots his  rabbit vandalism artwork in the window of an art gallery.  This leads to the two of them breaking into the gallery that night to get Jonny’s paintings.  Officer Toby finds them at a nearby gas station and arrests Jonny.  However, Toby tells Spencer that Tanner is still watching her and trying to use their relationship to get information on Spencer.  He tells Spence to walk away and gives her a stay out of jail card. 


The episode’s title and most of its scenes are devoted to Hanna’s scholarship pageant dreams.  She hires a pageant coach who asks Hanna a few questions from last year’s pageant like, “how would you reverse the extinction of today’s endangered species”, and “what is your opinion about our countries current foreign policies?” I found it really interesting that Hanna has been admitted to some very prestigious colleges, but can’t think of a single response to these questions.  She finally tells her coach that she can dance for her pageant talent and enlists Emily to be her dance instructor for the weekend. So we get to watch her practice the dance that Em choreographed to “Bang Bang”.  When she finds out that her stepsister, Kate, is enrolled in the same pageant Hanna becomes very angry. Later on she shows her coach her routine and her anger morphs her dance moves into something I just don’t understand. 

Her coach was very blunt and may have come across as a Gargon, but she was right. Poor Hanna! A set you up again, because Kate wasn’t signed up for the pageant.

Aria goes to Mona’s backyard at night to find out what Mike stashed in the tree.  She finds a foiled packet that holds a tube of blood.  Mike catches her in the act and tells her that the blood belongs to MONA!!! (Congrats to all the bloggers who correctly nailed the fact that Mona was saving her blood to fake her death!) Mike confirms that he walked in on Mona and saw all the blood that she had harvested in the mini fridge in her bedroom.    A wanted Ali behind bars and Mona had to fake her death to prove her loyalty to A.  She planned to take A down and return to Rosewood and be a hero to all the Liars.  

Mike was suppose to meet Mona on several occasions, but Mona never showed up and he fears that A double-crossed her and killed her.  Mike only had one vial of Mona’s blood as her promise to return to him.  This scene really touched me.  Mike and Mona really loved each other! (I ship Mikona!!!)

When Aria shares what she’s learned with the girls, they realize that they are partly to blame for Alison being in jail and debate whether they should inform Ali about Mona’s plan. Meanwhile, in the closing A scene we see the black hooded one in Mike’s bedroom with a wrench heading toward Mike’s new exercise equipment. Let’s hope that Mike only works out at the gym for a while. Until next time Liars! Keep your friends close and your secrets closer!!!

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