Empire: "Our Dancing Days" Review


Season 1 Ep. 7

Our Dancing Days

Well this episode should have been called “At Last” because of the truths that were told.  For “Empire”, this was subdued, filler built off of "Out, Damned Spot". Every TV series has these slowed down episodes, but it’s also going to ramp things back up.

Looking for investors in the IPO, Lucious throws a big party to exhibit Empire Records. Prior to the party, Lucious faints and is hospitalized due to the experimental drugs he’s been taking. As he is rushed to the hospital, Lucious has to make a decision between Cookie and Anika as to who will ride with him. He chooses Anika after a few seconds of struggle, and even though she’s hurt Cookie stays ride or die for Lucious. Honestly, the memes that came out of this scene were hilarious!

Prior to the investor exhibition, Anika drugs Elle, likely to try and sabotage Cookie. Jamal and Hakeem take to the stage as the headliners instead of Elle. During the performance, Lucious’s ALS symptoms stirs up and he looses his voice. He then asks Cookie to give the closing speech to the investors over Anika and Andre. Cookie does what Cookie does, and gives a fantastic, from the heart speech. Lucious finally confesses his love for Cookie out loud and in front of Anika by saying “I love you Cookie” right after the speech. 

With so many health issues manifesting with Lucious, he calls a meeting amongst his family after the exhibition. He informs the family that he has ALS, and each react in their own way. Andre’s Bi-polar disorder flairs up in an odd, “don’t ya’ll think this is more than someone being upset at the news?” kind of display. Hakeem and Jamal both seem to care more about their father’s health, unlike Andre who was more worried about the IPO and all of the work that he’s done. 

The biggest moment of all, was when Lucious and Cookie got some alone time after the family announcement. Cookie was obviously effected by Lucious’s announcement and told him he has to fight it because “I can’t lose you twice”. Lucious wanted to take advantage of the moment and the two finally got back together...just as Anika comes back in from a trip.

Cookie Crumbs:

  • Lucious finally showed some fatherly love to Jamal during this episode. He expressed interest in Jamal’s failed relationship with Michael, and his (we’re still waiting to find out) little girl.
  • Anika drugging Elle is sure to come to light down the road, and when it does, there’s gonna be smoke in the city!
  • The Lucious/Cookie hook up was bound to happen since episode one, but of course this will stir the drama for the Cookie vs. Anika fight.

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