Pretty Little Liars: "Out, Damned Spot" Review

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5.19

“Out, Damned Spot”

Previously on Pretty Little Liars.....

The Liars give blood!!! (OMG). Andrew tutors Aria and protects the girls. M&M meets Hank Mahoney (aka “Cyrus the Virus”). Hanna goes in search of financial aid for college and this leads the entire PLL Fandom to asks the question: Who is Hanna’s Daddy!!??!!

Ashley Marin is in charge of the blood drive, and she recruits the PLLs to donate.  Hanna (O negative), didn’t  you learn in season 2....never ever let someone have your blood! While waiting the girls see Mike crash into the blood cart and apparently steal a vial of blood.  Aria is still in denial that her little brother is involved in some big secrets in Rosewood. 

In fact, Aria is so upset that she can’t complete her math test.  So she copies from Andrew Campbell’s test as he conveniently holds his paper up for her to see. Now Andrew is the class Valedictorian, so I know he knows better.  This all seems like a set up to me.  Andrew later confronts Aria about cheating and suggests that he can be her tutor.

Emily and Talia.... such repeated characterization of Miss Fields.  Yes, she always goes for the closeted or unavailable (Paige)!!! This week she learns Talia’s full name.  Talia Sandoval  Mendoza. Talia is married to Eric, her best friend that she married after high school, who knows that she is attracted to women.  Emily please wake up!!! Your life is complicated enough!!!

Ashley says yes to Ted’s marriage proposal and then tells him about Jason.  Ted tells her he needs to think!  I really have my eye on these two.  It would not surprise me if either of them have a very big part to play in this season’s finale.  Stay tuned.

Spencer helps Jonny paint a mural at Hollis during the middle of the night.  The next day the mural is front page news with the Headline: Vandalism at Hollis College. Spencer, you are suppose to be the “smart one”. Stay away from Jonny. He is up to no good. Who paints murals in the middle of the night anyway?

Aria discovers that Mike has been getting phone messages from Hank Mahoney at the Chester Women’s Correctional Facility. *cough,  Ali, cough* When she confronts Mike he  tells her, “next time don’t answer my phone.”  He slams the door in her face and then goes to the mini fridge in his room and pulls a vial of blood from a Power Mass energy drink container.  The next day Emily sees Mike withdraw money from an ATM and retrieves the forgotten receipt.  He only withdraws $400.00, but the balance of $18,000.00 puts Emily on high alert.  She interrupts Aria’s tutoring session with Andrew to show Aria the receipt.  As they are talking they see Mike take off in the family car.  How convenient that Andrew is there and agrees to drive them to follow Mike since neither Aria nor Emily can drive a stick shift.  They follow Mike to Jonah’s diner. 

Aria thanks Andrew and tells him he can still make batting practice.  Mike  goes inside the diner and meets with Hank Mahoney, aka Cyrus Petrillo, aka Ali’s fake kidnapper. Mike gives Cyrus/Hank a small yellow envelope. (The Blood??? I think not...) Meanwhile Spencer arrives at Jonah’s to spy and provide transportation to follow Cyrus. But Cyrus confronts the girls in the parking lot on his motorcycle.  Luckily good old Andrew stuck around and is there to scare Cyrus away with his baseball bat! Question: whose team is Andrew playing for? A Team or B Team?

Poor Hanna misses out on the excitement because she had to visit her “father” to ask for financial assistance to pay for college.  Tom tells Hanna that her stepsister, Kate, is attending Dartmouth in the fall and he is paying for it, but he can’t afford to pay for two private school tuitions.  Apparently he and Ashley had an agreement for $10,000.00 per year for Hanna included in their divorce decree.  I believe that Ashley’s secrets will start to be revealed soon....and one of them is that Tom is not Hanna’s biological father!!! He even has her sit across the desk from him as if he is talking with a business associate! 

The episode ends with Mike stalking the girls at Spencer’s house.  Mike you are creepy, scary, and probably about to get into serious trouble in the upcoming episodes.  Did Mike give money, Hanna’s blood, or false blood to Cyrus?  


Until next time Liars! Keep your friends close and your secrets closer!!!

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