"Bin of Sin" Review

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5.17

“Bin of Sin"

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars put a great deal of added stress on many relationships. If it was A’s plan to divide and conquer, he/she/shim was successful with Ezria, Spoby, and Hannah/Spence. However, ain’t no mountain high enough, valley low enough, or jail cell wide enough to keep Caleb from Hanna! Awww Haleb!!! 

Aria finally tells Ezra about her letter to Jackie that described how she squandered her high school experience with an older guy.  After reading the letter Ezra tells her it was a brilliant move because it got her into Talmadge.  Later he recants and tells her she should consider leaving him and moving on to enjoy her college experience.  This is the best advice I’ve heard all season. Leave him Aria!  He’s probably hiding something else from you and sees this as a way to separate from you before you find out the truth! (This relationship just bugs me...I have no tolerance for older men dating high school girls!!!) Maybe Aria is starting to see the light through her yearbook.

Meanwhile, Talia finally lets Emily know she is interested in her. Nothing that we didn’t already know Talia!

But wait, the episode is called the Bin of Sin! So when Caleb, Spence, Emily, and Aria tell Hanna to leave the barrel alone, Hanna takes matters into her own hands.  She researches, purchases all the needed equipment, and recruits Caleb to help her break into the storage unit and remove all the evidence of Mona’s murder.  Surprise!!! A has already removed everything except the barrel.  As Haleb walks out to get the dolly to transport the barrel they run into Tanner and Toby who are coming to check out unit 1017 too. Busted!!! (good thing you returned everything to your blue bag Hanna!)

So what’s inside the barrel?!?! When Tanner and Toby open it, the smell is too much for Toby, and Tanner sends him out to call the HazMat team.  That’s when she finds the droplets of blood beside the barrel.  Hmmm....what did that note Alison found inside her orange jumpsuit say?  Oh yes, “your friends will be joining you soon”.  Well it looks like Hanna could be first in line.  Remember how easy it was for A to get Hanna’s O negative blood on the Ouji board?  

Meanwhile, Spencer, Aria, and Emily follow Mona’s Lo-Jacked computer.  It leads them to an old ice cream factory that is full of little clues.  The ice cream clown logo is very reminiscent of the clown A had in his/her/shim’s lair. The dead rat that Emily finds with the freeze dried nuts reminded me of the dead rat that was found in Paige’s locker. But the biggest find was the computer that was in the freezer playing a video of Hanna telling Caleb all about her plan to break into the storage unit. So the computer was A’s way of spying on Hanna through her own computer. Of course as soon as Sparia grabbed the computer to leave, the Black Hooded One locks them in the freezer and turns on the liquid nitrogen.  This was by far the scariest and most gut wrenching scene of the night.  Thank God for Emily’s quick thinking and physical strength that got them out just in time!!! But of course they leave the computer in the freezer.  Liars have you learned nothing in 5 seasons!!!???

Now let’s wrap this episode up with the rest of the relationship tension.  When Hanna and Caleb hear about their video on Mona’s/A’s computer Hanna tells Caleb he should stay away from her because A is trying to take her down.  But Caleb assures her that will never happen....even if they both go to jail.  HALEB = Solid as a rock!!!

Hanna confronts Spencer about the day’s events and asks her when Toby’s job became more important than his friends.  In an argument that resembles a Spencer/Alison clash of words, Spencer yells “you can’t blame this on Toby!” But Spencer and Toby may be the relationship destined to crack under A’s pressure.  Toby calls Spencer and lies to her about his whereabouts and refuses to tell her what they found in the barrel. Cue the final A scene please... Guess whose fingerprints Black Hoodie finds when he/she/shim returns to the factory? Now there is evidence that can be used against all four liars!

This episode did not answer many questions, but it sure did leave us with a lot of clues to investigate.  As always, until next time Liars keep your friends close and your secrets closer!

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