"Over A Barrel" Review

Pretty Little Liars
Season 5.16
“Over A Barrel"

Previously on Pretty Little Liars....Aria was afraid Ezra would find out that she had written a secret letter to his ex, Jackie, that gained her admission to Talmadge College. Emily was pining over Paige leaving and not communicating with her.  Spencer and Caleb were sleuthing around Rosewood to destroy A’s planted evidence from Mona’s murder. Hanna walked in on her mother’s hook-up with Jason.  This week, they pick up right where they left off.

Aria buys coffee at Ezra’s new Brew, and a copy of her letter to Jackie is printed on the receipt!!! Aria continues to worry about how she will break the news to Ezra as she follows mysterious messages to meet Holbrook all over town.  Of course she never meets the shady detective, but  thanks to A she does manage to have lunch with Jason and eventually deliver flowers from young Mr. Dilaurentis to Ashley’s house.

Emily decides to pack up the remnants of Paige’s belongings that were left in her car. She is still hurting over the break-up, but I don’t think she will be in pain for long.  Even though her work relationship with Talia has had a choppy start, in this episode, Talia seems to want to smooth the waters with our little barista.  Did anyone else think that her question to Em about Ezra’s buns was testing the waters to find out if Emily was into   guys or girls?  Personally, I hope Talia is just what Emily needs to get over Paige for good!!!

This week’s most intriguing moments belonged to Hanna, Caleb, and Spencer.  Hanna wasn’t the only one who surprised Ashley by coming home early.  Pastor Ted came back from his mission trip to Peru with the intention to build a family in Rosewood.  After gaining Hanna’s approval, he proposed to Ashley with a gorgeous ring inside a peanut butter cookie that was similar to the one they shared when they first met.  Ashley’s response, “ I need a minute to think”, was definitely not what Ted expected.  However, I loved, loved, loved the way Hanna was able to soothe his fears and give unconditional love and support to her mom as well.  Why do all the good ones fall for the liars and cheaters?  Hopefully Ashley will tell Ted the truth, wedding bells will still ring, and Hanna will finally get the decent father figure she deserves.

Detectives SpenCa were back in action following a LoJack alert from Mona’s computer that led them to a storage facility across town.  When Spencer and Caleb arrive they run into one of their teachers, Mrs. Horowitz, who alerts Spencer to the horrible smell coming from unit # 1017.  She told Spence that she once saw a blond girl hurrying away, but did not see her face.  Caleb makes a shim to break their teacher’s lock and they crawl through the air ducts to 1017. (I can see it now... Horowitz will be a witness for the prosecution when the Liars go on trial!) Once inside they find Mona’s bloody clothes in plastic bags, denatured alcohol, antacid tablets, and water beside a large barrel.  SpenCa deduces that Mona is either preserved or has turned to sludge inside the barrel.  After wiping the room clean of any fingerprints they return home and decide that Caleb should find out who rented the unit.  Of course it was rented to none other than Hanna Marin.  Looks like Ali won’t be the only PLL locked in a jail cell.  A has decided it is Hanna’s turn to be tortured.

In the final A scene, the black-hooded one enters Gabriel Holbrook’s office and logs on to his Rosewood PD account.  Who is that masked man/woman....ShadyBrook, Toby, Mike, Paige, or another A Team member? My guess is Holbrook because they have the key, the password and know where the caramels are stashed, along with some other interesting things in that desk! Whoever it is, they sure do love candy!

Hopefully, we will get the answers to these questions and more before the end of season 5.  Until next time Liars, remember to keep your friends close and your secrets closer!!!

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