Don't be lazy America! See films in their Original Language.


Allow me to hop on my soap box for a moment. I just saw that "A Prophet" ("Un Prophete") is getting an English-language remake. Are you serious? This is an awesome French "rise to power" tale that is perfect as is. I hate when these remakes are created because there is a reason that they were super successful in their native languages. Of course, Hollywood is in the business of making money and the majority of America doesn't like to read subtitles. So films like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", "Let The Right One In", "Old Boy", "Seven Samurai", etc. get made into American versions that don't quite hit the mark. Don't get me wrong, Rooney Mara did a nice Lisbeth, but it was nothing compared to Noomi Rapace's Lisbeth. 

What's my point? Sure, go check out the remakes, but be sure to see the originals first. I want to see what Spike does with "Old Boy", and I kind of liked Fincher's take on "TGWTDT" but the originals are incredible. Just please understand there is a reason they are being remade. An unsuccessful foreign film would never be remade. Not only that, it's like reading the book before seeing the movie...the transfer is never quite as good as the original. (Except on rare occasions.) Just watch "Un Prophete" and tell me it's not amazing after you see it. I'm done.

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Kevin Sampson

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